How to Craft Inspiring Speeches

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Let me take a guess about the cycle you go through when you realise you have to “give a speech” or “present”

1.     You’re scared shitless (I’m told this is a British phrase but you get the idea).

2.     You prepare and get more and more nervous as the day approaches

3.     You stand up and speak. You get through it. You might even think: “oh that wasn’t so bad”.

4.     If you have the opportunity to watch yourself back, you realise you were awful and that you said "erm" twenty times in the first minute.

Today, my friends, we break that cycle.

I went from a pretty awful public speaker to a pretty decent one. And one of the main ways I did it was by simply learning from the greats.

In this course, you'll learn from some of the most inspiring speakers across different generations: Barack Obama, Brené Brown, Steve Jobs and many more.

The Course

I'll send you one inspiring speech every weekday for 10 days.

I'll explain the context around the speech and focus on one specific aspect that makes the speech stand out.

You will then spend 10 - 20 minutes reading out an extract from that speech a few times.

To get the most out of this, you'll need to set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for two weeks. If you are willing to do that, the benefits are numerous. Becoming a better speaker can make you a better leader, a better salesperson, a better teacher and can even improve your dating life (this one hasn't worked for me yet but I've been told).

If you would like a flavour of this course, a sample case study is available here.

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How to Craft Inspiring Speeches

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