The Newbies Guide to Crypto

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Imagine you could go back in time to 1995 with all the knowledge you have now.

 One of the things you know is the power of the internet and how it’ll completely change people’s lives. Pretty much no one else knows.  

 What do you do with that information? You could invest in Apple stock, learn to code, start your own company, or quickly buy a domain like (currently valued at $872 million). The opportunities are endless.

This is a chart made by a16z, one of the world’s most famous Venture Capital companies. It compares users of the internet with users of crypto/web3. We can see that web3 is following the exact same trajectory as the internet did in its early days. In fact, where we are now in web3 is exactly where the internet was in 1995.

 In the world of crypto – it’s still 1995.

BuT CrYpTo CrAsHeD BrO

 That’s exactly why this is a good time for YOU to start paying attention. With every big wave of technological innovation, there is a lot of trash and get-rich-quick schemes that come through as well. This is a time when that trash gets filtered out, and serious innovation remains.

 There are two mistakes you shouldn't make

-       Don’t dismiss the whole space because SOME projects within it are trash

-       Don’t judge the potential uses of new technology based purely on what you see today

 There are people who are almost religious in their devotion to crypto, and there are other people who are just as religiously anti-crypto. Both groups annoy me. You don’t have to be a big believer in crypto to read this book. If you are a non-believer, it’s best to be an informed one.

What can you do with the information in this book?

You probably won’t become a millionaire by buying and HODLing Bitcoin. It’s too late for that. However, the web3 space is still new enough that it is full of opportunity. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking for your next venture, there are protocols and programs handing out literally millions of dollars in grants to invest in people who are building in web3 (example 1, example 2, example 3).

If you’re a burned-out employee, this is a sector where you can apply to jobs that didn’t exist a few years ago. And of course, there will still be opportunities to invest in new coins and ecosystems that will appreciate rapidly.

But before you do all that – you need to have a base level of knowledge.

 At worst: You'll learn a bit more about a new forefront of technology

At best: You use the foundation built from this guide to go and find your own 100x investments, or your next career opportunity in the sector.

“Sunny is one of the most knowledgeable web3 commentators in the world”
Satoshi Nakamoto - creator of Bitcoin

Satoshi didn't actually say this. We don't even know who Satoshi is (no, it's not this clown).

But I am a developer advocate working in the web3 space. My whole job is about helping beginners understand more about the world of Crypto.

And one more thing...

Did you notice that when you clicked on this page, you had your mouse hovering over the back button, but somehow, you've ended up all the way down here? I try to make my writing slippery. I hope to make you slip down a slope, and inadvertently learn things as you do.

The guide will sell for $20 but is available for free to Beta Readers. Beta Readers can offer real-time feedback and suggestions as they read It includes sections on:

  • An Introduction to Blockchain technology (sample chapter)
  • Bitcoin (sample chapter)
  • Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
  • Ethereum
  • The Blockchain Trilemma
  • Other Major Networks
  • Stablecoins
  • Buying Crypto
  • Crypto Winter
    • Terra Luna befofe its fall
    • The Four Horsemen of the Cryptopocalypse
    • The Silver Lining
    • Why this Crypto Winter might last a while
  • NFTs
    • The Bored Ape Yacht Club
    • Play to Earn Games
    • Links DAO
    • Music NFTs
    • How to Flip NFTs
  • DeFi
    • Decentralised Exchanges
    • Decentralised Stablecoins
    • Decentralised Money Markets
    • Decentralised Insurance
    • Decentralised Derivatives
  • DAOs
    • ConstitutionDAO
    • FriesDAO
    • Klima DAO
    • MakerDAO
    • The Time Wonderland Scandal
    • UniSwap
  • The Metaverse
  • Investing, Passive Income and the Bear Market:
    • Staking
    • Node Projects
    • 1 Million % APY
    • Notes from a Bear Market
    • Crypto Investing Mistakes
  • Make money building
  • Conclusion


if you're ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and take your first steps into this world - I'll see you on the other side 😉

I want this!

Beta access to the book where you can read for free and leave feedback

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